Gross & Edelstein LLP

             Our Services

  • Litigation management/claims counsel for professional and general liability claims programs. Our healthcare clients are self-insured, commercially insured and/or have formed captive insurance companies.
  • Risk management advisors to healthcare providers.
  • Claims management audits and reserve assessments for self insured and insured programs.
  • Lectures/mock trials to healthcare providers on pertinent risk and litigation management topics.
  • Advisor to healthcare provider captive management committees overseeing professional liability claims management in New York and Florida.
  • Preparation of reports to state regulatory agencies on open and closed claims in New York.
  • Assist with complying with Medicare CMS 111 regulation reporting obligations and with federal National Practitioner Data Bank reporting obligations.
  • Claims investigation by Gross & Edelstein’s staff of highly trained experienced nursing/medical professionals who specialize in litigation support investigating services.
  • Oversight and management of computerized billing systems utilized to monitor defense counsel litigation expenses.
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