Gross & Edelstein LLP

            About Us

The law firm of Gross & Edelstein LLP (G & E) provides claims and risk management services for healthcare systems, hospitals and physician liability insuring programs in the Greater New York Area, New Jersey and Florida. Mark Gross and Edward Edelstein each have over three decades of "hands on", battle tested experience in real time litigation management. The investigative services provided by G & E are performed by nursing/medical professionals who are supervised by our attorneys who serve as claims counsel.

As claims counsel, we employ a collaborative approach working jointly with general counsel, defense counsel and our clients’ risk/claims management staff.

The firm utilizes an industry specific electronic claims management data system which provides client online access to claims data and risk management information. This data system offers flexibility in generating data/reports to assess the overall performance of the claims and risk programs we manage. The computerized system is designed to operate in a paperless environment wherein defense counsel reports are integrated into the system for simultaneous access by multiple claims and risk management personnel facilitating multitasking.

G & E senior staff currently serve as claims counsel and as a claims consultant to various healthcare insured/self insured programs which include Westchester Medical Center, Rutgers Biomedical Health Sciences, Florida Baycare System (a system of over 10 hospitals and ancillary medical facilities), Mt. Vernon Hospital, New York Community Hospital, New York Gracie Hospital and Wyckoff Heights Medical Center. Over the many years the principals of G & E have consulted with numerous other healthcare providers throughout the country. Among them are University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania, Hospital University of Pennsylvania and Montefiore (Pittsburgh).

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